St Bart’s private villa rentals are going to be the number one accommodation for those visiting the island. With so much to see and do, Saint Barts (or St. Barths as it’s also known as) is really quite popular and yacht enthusiasts really love the area too. If you are one of them then it’s time to consider St Barth as your next destination. However, why is this island so populated with yacht enthusiasts?

A Prime Location        

Saint Bart is around eight square miles which is truly unique because while it’s the smallest island in the area, it’s quite popular. There are many beautiful and often secluded beaches on the island which makes it a very luxurious hotspot to say the least. However, one of the biggest reasons why it’s a prime hotspot for yachts has to be down to its easy access to harbors and its right between the Virgin Islands and Antigua. That fact makes St Bart a prime location for sailors and yachts. However, you can rent a yacht if you wanted to for a few days and stay at one of the most beautiful St. Barts villa rentals on the island.

A Gem for Island Lovers

However, while the island is popular, it isn’t inundated with tourists. The reason why is simply because there have been a lot of restrictions in terms of development on the island and that is crucial. Nothing has been overdone in terms of development which means the island is still relatively hidden away which is a good thing. The landscape hasn’t been ruined by over development and it keeps tourism healthy but not too over the top. St Barth’s private villa rentals are always popular and to be honest, it’s great for those who love yachts. It’s a great sailing destination and if you plan to visit a variety of islands in the area, it’s a great midway sailing point too.

Check Out the Local Marine Life

While the tourism count remains fairly decent, there are many who exclusively visit the island for its marine life and rugged landscape. Hiking and hill walking remain very popular for those who aren’t into water sports and for those that are, they adore the marine life. You can scuba dive and checkout the fish and even a few sunken shipwrecks; or can sail around the island if you so wish. It’s great no matter what you plan to do and there is plenty of amazing St. Bart’s villa rentals to enjoy too. You have so much to enjoy.

Have the Holiday of Your Dreams

For those who want to experience the luxury pastime of yachting and who want to experience island life, Saint Barts is the ideal spot. You can spend your time on land visiting shops, lounging around on the beaches and of course, explore the land and all its glory. However, you could also rent a yacht for the day (of if you have sailed over in your own private yacht) and take it out onto the beautiful blue waters around the island. There is so much to see and do and at the end of the day, you can return to St Barts private villa rentals.

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